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4AD Videos

Velvet Negroni - KURT KOBAIN (Official Video) 4AD

Velvet Negroni - KURT KOBAIN (...

'KURT KOBAIN' by Velvet Negroni, from the new album 'NEON BROWN' which is released August 30th on 4AD. Pre-order here: ...

1 week ago

The Amps - Tipp City 4AD

The Amps - Tipp City

The Amps 'Tipp City' was released back in 1995. The Breeders were on a break, so Kim Deal made some music - firstly as Tammy and the Ampersands, which...

2 weeks ago

Red House Painters - 24 4AD

Red House Painters - 24

24 by Red House Painters is taken from 'Down Colorful Hill', released in 1992 and reissued in 2015 - first as part of a box set and then as individual...

2 weeks ago

Gus Gus - Ladyshave 4AD

Gus Gus - Ladyshave

'Ladyshave' was the first single to be taken from 1999's 'This is Normal' Gus Gus was a nine-person multi-media collective from Reykjavik, Iceland. Re...

2 weeks ago

Michael Brook - Breakdown 4AD

Michael Brook - Breakdown

Michael Brook released 'Breakdown' in 1992, which also featured on 4AD's 'Lilliput' complilation and the 'Joyride' soundtrack. It is taken from his 'C...

2 weeks ago

Colin Newman - Not To 4AD

Colin Newman - Not To

Not To is taken from Colin Newman's third solo album, and was released by 4AD in 1982. The songs on this album featured original compositions and a fe...

3 weeks ago

Pale Saints - Half Life, Remembered 4AD

Pale Saints - Half Life, Remem...

Taken from Pale Saints 1990 single 'Half-Life', it was their first recording to feature former Lush vocalist Meriel Barham. Subscribe to 4AD here: ...

3 weeks ago

Bauhaus - Telegram Sam 4AD

Bauhaus - Telegram Sam

'Telegram Sam' was the fourth single from Bauhaus. The T-Rex cover was released on 7" and 12" in November 1980 on 4AD. You can also find 'Telegram Sam...

3 weeks ago

Pale Saints - Throwing Back the Apple 4AD

Pale Saints - Throwing Back th...

'Throwing Back the Apple' is taken from 1992's 'In Ribbons', Pale Saints second album. This lineup of the band was Meriel Barham (guitar, vocals), Chr...

4 weeks ago

Pale Saints - Fine Friend 4AD

Pale Saints - Fine Friend

'Fine Friend' is taken from 'Slow Buildings', the last Pale Saints album and released as a single in August 1994. The lineup for Pale Saints (on this ...

4 weeks ago

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Lush - Nothing Natural 4AD

Lush - Nothing Natural

Lush released the Black Spring EP in October 1991. This is the lead track, 'Nothing Natural' which also features on the 'Spooky' album. Check out Lush...

4 weeks ago

Lush - De-Luxe (US Video) 4AD

Lush - De-Luxe (US Video)

This is the second video for 'De-Luxe' by Lush. Filmed in 1990, this coincided with the release of 'Gala', the compilation of the first two singles pl...

1 month ago

Velvet Negroni - WINE GREEN (Official Lyric Video) 4AD

Velvet Negroni - WINE GREEN (O...

New album 'NEON BROWN' is released 30th August:

1 month ago

Lush - For Love 4AD

Lush - For Love

Subscribe to 4AD here: Lush were Miki Berenyi, Emma Anderson, Chris Acland and Philip King. 'For Love' is taken from their 19...

1 month ago

Velvet Negroni - WINE GREEN (Live Video) 4AD

Velvet Negroni - WINE GREEN (L...

New album 'NEON BROWN' is released 30th August: Produced by Psymun & Elliott Kozel Shot by Isaac Gale ...

2 months ago

Velvet Negroni - CONFETTI (Official Video) 4AD

Velvet Negroni - CONFETTI (Off...

'CONFETTI' by Velvet Negroni, out now on 4AD. New album 'NEON BROWN' is released 30th August: Video by Isaac Gal...

3 months ago

Frank Black - Headache 4AD

Frank Black - Headache

Released on Monday 9th May 1994, Frank Black's 'Headache' came from his second 4AD solo album, 'Teenager of the Year'. 4AD recently reissued the two ....

4 months ago

Mojave 3 - Any Day Will Be Fine 4AD

Mojave 3 - Any Day Will Be Fin...

Mojave 3 released 'Any Day Will Be Fine' on 1st of May 2000. This single preceded the release of 'Excuses For Travellers', Mojave 3's third album whic...

4 months ago

Aldous Harding - Fixture Picture (Official Video) 4AD

Aldous Harding - Fixture Pictu...

'Fixture Picture' by Aldous Harding, from the new album 'Designer'. Out now on 4AD/Flying Nun, buy and stream here:

4 months ago

Pixies - Alec Eiffel 4AD

Pixies - Alec Eiffel

Alec Eiffel is taken from Trompe Le Monde, the Pixies last album for 4AD. While 4AD didn't release the track as a single, several territories around t...

4 months ago

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