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Wreck sends one person to the hospital WKRG

Wreck sends one person to the ...

Cottage Hill Road, Mobile.

16 hours ago

BREAKING: Vehicle fires threaten Pathway Apartment Homes in Mobile WKRG

BREAKING: Vehicle fires threat...

Mobile Fire-Rescue says the fire is out and an investigator is en route to determine the cause of the fire.

20 hours ago

Suspect has prior arrests WKRG

Suspect has prior arrests

WKRG News 5 at 10.

20 hours ago

Flood insurance rates could rise for thousands in Mobile County WKRG

Flood insurance rates could ri...

New flood assessments mean some homeowners could see rate hikes of 18% a year.

20 hours ago

Faith Time:  Love WKRG

Faith Time: Love

We talk about the different types of love.

1 day ago

Car fire chain reaction damages up to eight vehicles WKRG

Car fire chain reaction damage...

Several car fires along I-65 service...

2 days ago

MPD arrest, identify Main Street shooting suspects WKRG

MPD arrest, identify Main Stre...

BREAKING: MPD investigates shooting...

2 days ago

Thieves steal wine, cash from specialty cheese shop in Mobile WKRG

Thieves steal wine, cash from ...

Thieves steal wine, cash from...

2 days ago

Bail Bonds WKRG

Bail Bonds

WKRG News 5 at 10.

2 days ago

COLD CASE: Shooting Death Changed Downtown Policing WKRG

COLD CASE: Shooting Death Chan...

Robert Ellingwood was killed in March, 1997, at Cathedral Square, threatening to halt the Dauphin Street renaissance.

3 days ago

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MPD arrests kidnapping suspect WKRG

MPD arrests kidnapping suspect

The suspect was captured Friday.

3 days ago

Escambia County officials make arrests after school threats WKRG

Escambia County officials make...

Officials make arrests after school threats.

3 days ago

Eastern Shore school gun incidents WKRG

Eastern Shore school gun incid...

Eastern Shore school gun incidents.

3 days ago

Volunteers build ramp to get man with flu home from hospital WKRG

Volunteers build ramp to get m...

A man hospitalized for two months with the flu and pneumonia is now in a wheelchair and expected to go home soon thanks to some volunteers.

3 days ago

MCHD: Odor in Midtown Mobile Not Caused by GAF Manufacturing WKRG

MCHD: Odor in Midtown Mobile N...

What is the source of the 'offensive smell' in midtown Mobile?

3 days ago

18 school shootings this year; or not? WKRG

18 school shootings this year;...

The count of '18' school shootings came from the non-profit group 'Everytown for Gun Safety.'

3 days ago

Should teachers and administrators be armed? WKRG

Should teachers and administra...

After the school shooting in Florida, an Alabama lawmaker files a bill that would arm school officials.

3 days ago

Video: Daphne first responders comfort little boys who tried to save their grandma’s life WKRG

Video: Daphne first responders...

In Baldwin County, first responders are praising a boy for using his Boy Scout Training to help them after his grandmother had a massive heart attack.

3 days ago

What is a Fogbow? The Cousin of a Rainbow. WKRG

What is a Fogbow? The Cousin o...

Have you ever seen a fogbow? The odds are you have seen one but didn't notice. A fogbow is a faint arc of white in a bank of fog, when the sun is (low...

3 days ago


What's Working: Baseball team ...

After putting a plea on social media, Vigor High School's Baseball Coach received baseball equipment for his team from all around the country.

3 days ago

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