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WKRG Videos

Watch: Deadly Texas Tornado Caught on Camera WKRG

Watch: Deadly Texas Tornado Ca...

Storm Chasers caught amazing video of the funnel cloud.

4 hours ago

Tornado Hits Canton, Texas WKRG

Tornado Hits Canton, Texas

At least 5 dead and 50+ injured.

13 hours ago

Faith Time:  National Day of Prayer 2017 WKRG

Faith Time: National Day of P...

The observance started early this year.

14 hours ago

Teens Taken To New Heights In Aviation Program at Brookley WKRG

Teens Taken To New Heights In ...

Several teens from all over spent the afternoon at Brookley Aeroplex learning about careers in aviation. And after that, they got to take to the skies...

23 hours ago

Local Democrats react to Trump WKRG

Local Democrats react to Trump...

The Bay Area Democrats held an event called the "Drain the Swamp" crawfish boil on Saturday, an event aimed at rallying Democrats to run for office.

23 hours ago

21-Year-Old Shot to Death in Mobile WKRG

21-Year-Old Shot to Death in M...

The Mobile Police Department is investigating a homicide that happened in the area of Octavia Dr. East and Vermillion Dr. Neighbors say they heard gun...

23 hours ago




1 day ago

Owner Worried After Dog Gets High Eating Pot WKRG

Owner Worried After Dog Gets H...

It happened after the marijuana was dropped at a pot rally.

1 day ago

Woman Hit and Killed on Interstate WKRG

Woman Hit and Killed on Inters...

Woman Hit and Killed on Interstate.

2 days ago

Prescription Drug Thefts; More Than Just Smash and Grab Crimes WKRG

Prescription Drug Thefts; More...

The images from surveillance cameras are becoming all too familiar. Thieves smash their way into a pharmacy, spend sixty seconds or so inside, get wha...

2 days ago

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Cold Case Investigation: Death of Boxer "Jesse" James Hughes Remains Unsolved WKRG

Cold Case Investigation: Death...

The well-liked boxer was poised for a world title fight when he was killed in July, 1995.

2 days ago

BREAKING: Dauphin Island Regatta Postponed Due to Weather Threat WKRG

BREAKING: Dauphin Island Regat...

The 2017 Dauphin Island Regatta has been postponed due to the threat of extreme weather.

2 days ago

BREAKING: Blue Angels "Swap Paint" During Beach Flyover WKRG

BREAKING: Blue Angels "Swap Pa...

Two Blue Angels jets made brief contact while flying over Pensacola Beach Wednesday afternoon, according to The Navy Times.

2 days ago


What's Working: Building Sidew...

In tonight's What's Working, we are taking a look at the amazing effort by hundreds in the community to have miles of sidewalks constructed in their ....

2 days ago

Marine Gets Home Debt Free in Pensacola WKRG

Marine Gets Home Debt Free in ...

This house, built by Operation Finally Home is a labor of love, and there has been a lot of community support.

2 days ago

Caught on Camera Burglar Struck Six Times In Mobile WKRG

Caught on Camera Burglar Struc...

We showed you clear surveillance video of a man breaking into a home a few nights ago. We now know the other locations police say were hit by this sam...

2 days ago

Couple on Cruise Ship Witnesses Search Efforts for Body Spotted in the Gulf of Mexico WKRG

Couple on Cruise Ship Witnesse...

Tracie Green and her fiance Cameron George were on board the Carnival Fantasy on its way back to the port of Mobile after a trip to the Cozumel, when ...

2 days ago

WKRG ARCHIVE: Funeral for "Jesse James" Hughes WKRG

WKRG ARCHIVE: Funeral for "Jes...

Footage from WKRG Vault.

2 days ago

WKRG ARCHIVE: "Jesse James" Hughes Goes Missing (1995 Newscast) WKRG

WKRG ARCHIVE: "Jesse James" Hu...

Footage from 1995 on WKRG News 5.

2 days ago

WKRG ARCHIVE: Body of "Jesse James" Hughes Found (1995 Newscast) WKRG

WKRG ARCHIVE: Body of "Jesse J...

Footage from 1995 newscast on WKRG News 5.

2 days ago

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