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Notis Sfakianakis - O Davatzis (English Translation) IOUABRM8

Notis Sfakianakis - O Davatzis...

THIS IS THE REAL TRANSLATION OF THIS SONG* "The PIMP" And if you don't remember, it doesn't matter we were once together in a brothel in Benzgazi ...

10 years ago

Ali G - Science and Technology IOUABRM8

Ali G - Science and Technology

'So would you use a toilet or does you just drop it in a hole? So would you flush? You say that but there's evidence back stage to the contrary. Was i...

13 years ago

Ali G - International Relations IOUABRM8

Ali G - International Relation...

'Aint there reall danger that someone give like a message over the radio to one of them fire Pilates or whatever, said bomb Ira-...and the geezer dont...

13 years ago

Ali G - Pornography IOUABRM8

Ali G - Pornography

'For the men in this bussiness, how important is it the size of the warrior? Cause I have got a massive one you know, but what does you say to people ...

13 years ago

Ali G - Hollywood IOUABRM8

Ali G - Hollywood

'Me name is James Bond, James...Bond.'

13 years ago

Ali G - Drugs IOUABRM8

Ali G - Drugs

'Okay so it aint legal but if it's just for personal use, lets say use just for that half a kilo at home or whatever that's alright innit? That's no p...

13 years ago

Ali G - The Ice Cream Glove IOUABRM8

Ali G - The Ice Cream Glove

'We did an Internet search for the gloves. How much results did we get? Three hundread and twenty five zero one hundread and thirteen. So, you times t...

13 years ago

Ali G - Politics IOUABRM8

Ali G - Politics

'So does the Republican Party think that homies should take their girlfriends up the butty?'

13 years ago

Ali G - The Law 2 IOUABRM8

Ali G - The Law 2

'What happens if they say your mama is a hoe and I know, cause I is done it with her. Then surely then you can pop a cap in the arse'

13 years ago

Ali G - The Law IOUABRM8

Ali G - The Law

'23_10 there's 3 man. One brother, one honky and one S...what's the S? One Spanish'

13 years ago

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Ali G - Northen Ireland IOUABRM8

Ali G - Northen Ireland

'Which is the biggest city in Ireland? Dublin because is keeps on doubling and doubling in size'

13 years ago

Ali G - Medical Ethics IOUABRM8

Ali G - Medical Ethics

'I heard about this thing and it's probably rubbish, that some girls actually get their babbylongs reduced. Is that true? Ain't that selfish though? c...

13 years ago

Ali G - Sex Education IOUABRM8

Ali G - Sex Education

'Check this out. Sex, you probably heard the word out there, and some of you probably know what it means. For those of you who dont, it means boning, ...

13 years ago


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