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Got The Scarface Gun At The Gun Show (OMG This Is Crazy) CJ SO COOL

Got The Scarface Gun At The Gu...

Took my family to the gun show today and ended up getting the Tony Montana Gun from the movie Scarface and Royalty got the Soulja Boy Gun now we have ...

20 hours ago

giveaway time on Liveraise CJ SO COOL

giveaway time on Liveraise Donations Subscribe ...

2 days ago

I Got A Suprise For You. CJ SO COOL

I Got A Suprise For You.

Went to the car wash today and decided to go and buy $400 dollars worth of gift cards for my subscribers so let's turn up on the like button and get r...

2 days ago

Got A New Job So I Got Matching Jordans For My Whole Family! CJ SO COOL

Got A New Job So I Got Matchin...

New Job Challenge! Today was my first day at my new job and I used my check to buy me and my entire family matching jordans 30k likes if we took a fam...

2 days ago

Our Last Days in Miami. CJ SO COOL

Our Last Days in Miami.

With the constant Prank War going on between me and my girlfriend I needed to take time away to show her a good time so that she knows how much I love...

4 days ago

VIP Treatment Miami Style. CJ SO COOL

VIP Treatment Miami Style.

We complained about our room so they gave us the biggest suit in the hotel With the best view of the beach. This expericene is more than perfect so I ...

1 week ago

Leaving our whole family for Miami CJ SO COOL

Leaving our whole family for M...

We left for Miami and our whole family was sad including our dog Rhino he cried when we left. If you're reading this comment "Enjoy Miami Y'all" Subsc...

1 week ago

Fed The Kids Dog Doo Doo PRANK! CJ SO COOL

Fed The Kids Dog Doo Doo PRANK...

I Pranked the kids with Dog Doo Doo but I really gave them melted Snickers lol Royalty is next so #TeamRoyalty better look out it's Prank time! If you...

2 weeks ago

Real Food vs Gummy Food CJ SO COOL

Real Food vs Gummy Food

Real Food vs Gummy Food Challenge with my Girlfriend was intense and epic The gummy foods are all so real it made this challenge perfect 30000 likes i...

2 weeks ago


It's A Girl

My brother Jinx is having a baby Girl and today we found that out iin the baby revealing party, which we came late to since Rhino had a doctors appoin...

2 weeks ago

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Trying Out New Sneakers Playing Full Court Basketball Games CJ SO COOL

Trying Out New Sneakers Playin...

Trying out my new sneakers while playing full court 5v5 basketball. It has been a very long time since I stepped on a court and recorded it so hopeful...

2 weeks ago

Dog Food For Breakfast PRANK!!! CJ SO COOL

Dog Food For Breakfast PRANK!!...

My girlfriend feed me Dog Food For Breakfast as a PRANK and it made me vomit so 50k likes and I will get her back 10 times worse Prank war back in ful...

2 weeks ago

Classroom Bully! CJ SO COOL

Classroom Bully!

Rhino got a new classmate and he just happens to be a School Bully barking at every dog in his way starting fights he can't finish. Long story short R...

3 weeks ago

They Gave Us Money & Roses CJ SO COOL

They Gave Us Money & Roses

Reading Fan Mail is so touching they sent us money Roses and Paintings we have the best subscribers in the world and we just want to thank you all.

3 weeks ago

Kids Busted Window April Fools PRANK (Gone Wrong) CJ SO COOL

Kids Busted Window April Fools...

My girlfriend got her epic revenge PRANK on April Fools With this Busted Window Prank She almost made me fall for it but I'm the King Of Pranks. If yo...

3 weeks ago

Do You Really Love Me? CJ SO COOL

Do You Really Love Me?

My Girlfriend is always hitting me and making mean faces towards me I'm starting to wonder if she really loves me obviously that's a joke we all know ...

3 weeks ago

Family Goals. CJ SO COOL

Family Goals.

Took My family to John's Incredible Pizza and had some real family fun I'm a family guy in real life and I love every part of my family and yes that i...

3 weeks ago


It's Only Cake & Clothes!!!

Nothing is more important than family especially clothes and birthday cake but sometimes children cry to get out of trouble that can ruin a birthday! ...

3 weeks ago


It's my birthday

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4 weeks ago

My Puppy Had Surgery CJ SO COOL

My Puppy Had Surgery

My puppy Rhino went in to get cosmetic surgery and came out looking like 1 million dollars hopefully everybody enjoys the video and likes his new look...

4 weeks ago

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