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Black Man, Byron Lee Williams, Dies In Custody Of Las Vegas Police, Says He Can't Breathe SanVic

Black Man, Byron Lee Williams,...


1 month ago

Monkey Sharpens Rock Before Smashing Zoo Window in Escape Bid SanVic

Monkey Sharpens Rock Before Sm...

2 months ago

Oil Company Lobbyist Brags About Criminalizing Pipeline Protests SanVic

Oil Company Lobbyist Brags Abo...


2 months ago

Detroit Police vs Dog SanVic

Detroit Police vs Dog

3 months ago

White Woman Threatens To Call Police On Black Man After He Splashes Her Car During Rainstorm SanVic

White Woman Threatens To Call ...

3 months ago

Pence Dodges Responsibility For Immigrant Children Denied Soap And Toothpaste SanVic

Pence Dodges Responsibility Fo...

4 months ago

Trump Fan Arrested For Smacking Reporter’s Phone Outside Orlando Rally SanVic

Trump Fan Arrested For Smackin...

4 months ago

Orlando Trump Supporter Claims Trump 'Doesn't Lie' SanVic

Orlando Trump Supporter Claims...

4 months ago

Pastor Plans ‘Make America Straight Again’ Conference SanVic

Pastor Plans ‘Make America S...

4 months ago

Highway Road Rage SanVic

Highway Road Rage

4 months ago

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Man Who Sells 'Alternative Medicines' Claims He Saw Jesus When He Died SanVic

Man Who Sells 'Alternative...

5 months ago

Pro-Trump Christian Radio Host: Atheists Cannot Condemn ‘Crime As Evil’ SanVic

Pro-Trump Christian Radio Host...

5 months ago

Boy, 11, Arrested After Refusing To Stand For Pledge Of Allegiance SanVic

Boy, 11, Arrested After Refusi...

8 months ago

Christian Radio Show Host Attacks Gillette's Anti-Sexual Harassment Ad SanVic

Christian Radio Show Host Atta...

9 months ago

Christian Radio Host Claims To Be Victim In 'War On Christmas' SanVic

Christian Radio Host Claims To...

10 months ago

Christian Radio Host Plays Attack Against Americans On Veterans Day SanVic

Christian Radio Host Plays Att...

11 months ago

Christian Radio Host Whines About Kaepernick's Nike Ad, Denies Systemic Police Brutality, Racism SanVic

Christian Radio Host Whines Ab...

1 year ago

'Frozen' Actor Shuts Down Trump Fan By Grabbing His 'Re-Elect Trump' Sign SanVic

'Frozen' Actor Shuts D...

1 year ago

Georgia Police Use Taser On Grandmother, 87, Injure Her Breast SanVic

Georgia Police Use Taser On Gr...


1 year ago

Store Calls 911 On Customer For Being ‘Arrogant Because He's Black’ SanVic

Store Calls 911 On Customer Fo...

1 year ago

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