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Boy, 11, Arrested After Refusing To Stand For Pledge Of Allegiance SanVic

Boy, 11, Arrested After Refusi...

2 months ago

Christian Radio Show Host Attacks Gillette's Anti-Sexual Harassment Ad SanVic

Christian Radio Show Host Atta...

3 months ago

Christian Radio Host Claims To Be Victim In 'War On Christmas' SanVic

Christian Radio Host Claims To...

4 months ago

Kentucky’s GOP Gov. Matt Bevin Blames Mass Shootings On Zombies, Abortion SanVic

Kentucky’s GOP Gov. Matt Bev...

5 months ago

Christian Radio Host Plays Attack Against Americans On Veterans Day SanVic

Christian Radio Host Plays Att...

5 months ago

Christian Radio Host Whines About Kaepernick's Nike Ad, Denies Systemic Police Brutality, Racism SanVic

Christian Radio Host Whines Ab...

7 months ago

'Frozen' Actor Shuts Down Trump Fan By Grabbing His 'Re-Elect Trump' Sign SanVic

'Frozen' Actor Shuts D...

8 months ago

Georgia Police Use Taser On Grandmother, 87, Injure Her Breast SanVic

Georgia Police Use Taser On Gr...


8 months ago

Store Calls 911 On Customer For Being ‘Arrogant Because He's Black’ SanVic

Store Calls 911 On Customer Fo...

9 months ago

Christian Radio Host Denies Climate Change By Citing Trump Bible Study Leader SanVic

Christian Radio Host Denies Cl...

9 months ago

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Trump Voter Says Trump Is Always Right: ‘Everything He Says Is True’ SanVic

Trump Voter Says Trump Is Alwa...


9 months ago

President Donald Trump Fooled By Crank Call From Stuttering John SanVic

President Donald Trump Fooled ...


10 months ago

St. Louis Store Clerk Refuses To Sell Money Order To Black Couple SanVic

St. Louis Store Clerk Refuses ...

11 months ago

Doctor Legally Denied Care For Newborn Baby Because Parents Are Lesbians SanVic

Doctor Legally Denied Care For...

1 year ago

Pro-Gun Students Bring Confederate Flags To Gun Violence Vigil, Chaos Follows SanVic

Pro-Gun Students Bring Confede...

1 year ago

Starbucks Denies Black Man Bathroom After Allowing White Man SanVic

Starbucks Denies Black Man Bat...


1 year ago

Corey Lewandowski Blames James Comey For Boston Marathon Bombing, Comey Was Private Citizen Then SanVic

Corey Lewandowski Blames James...


1 year ago

Kellyanne Conway Caught Lying About James Comey While Trying To Smear Him SanVic

Kellyanne Conway Caught Lying ...

1 year ago

Michigan Man Shoots At Black Teen, 14, For Asking Directions SanVic

Michigan Man Shoots At Black T...

1 year ago

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Falsely Claims Kids Assaulted Because Of 1-Day Teachers Strike SanVic

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin False...

1 year ago

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