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J. Geco Videos

J.Geco - Rock Chicken [Chicken Song 2018] Ep.3 J. Geco

J.Geco - Rock Chicken [Chicken...

All 4 NEW CHICKEN SONGS here: 1) On iTunes 2) On Spotify 3) On Google Music 4) In th...

4 months ago

J.Geco - Trap Chicken [Chicken Song 2018] Ep.2 J. Geco

J.Geco - Trap Chicken [Chicken...

EPISODE 2 IS OUT! All 4 NEW CHICKEN SONGS here: 1) On iTunes 2) On Spotify 3) On Google Music ...

10 months ago

J.Geco - Club Chicken [Chicken Song 2018] Ep.1 J. Geco

J.Geco - Club Chicken [Chicken...

Episode 2 is out! HEEEREE You can already find 4 NEW CHICKEN SONGS here: 1) In the new free Game!

1 year ago

Dear Rain - [Geco OST] J. Geco

Dear Rain - [Geco OST]

Another Soundtrack made by me, for the video i used Garden of words, a short movie by Makoto Shinkai. Instruments: Concert Piano, Cello vibrato, Violi...

4 years ago

Behind Black Skies - [Geco OST] J. Geco

Behind Black Skies - [Geco OST...

Song : Behind Black Skies - Original soundtrack Video : One Piece, Enies lobby saga.

4 years ago

Retarded Running Animals - [Geco Remix] J. Geco

Retarded Running Animals - [Ge...

The Popular Retarded Horse with two legs in a new Mix. With a lot of other stupid animals too. mhlghlghlmhlghlghlna.

4 years ago

J.Geco - Chicken Song J. Geco

J.Geco - Chicken Song


5 years ago

Io Sono Peppa Pig (sigla) - [Geco Remix] J. Geco

Io Sono Peppa Pig (sigla) - [G...

Peppa Pig remix sigla italiana Io sono Peppa Pig, e questo è il mio fratellino George, lei è mamma pig, e lui è papà pig. Peppa Pig! Tutti al Lavo...

5 years ago


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