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Studio C Videos

I Don Studio C

I Don't Have a Concussion!!

I Don't Have A Concussion!! Head trauma is a funny thing. If you have it, chances are you don't KNOW you have it. Adam is about to learn he is concuss...

1 day ago

Reverse Catfishing! Studio C

Reverse Catfishing!

Reverse Catfishing! Taking an online relationship into the real world is always scary. What if they're not who they say are? How do you respond when t...

5 days ago

When Online Dating Goes Too Far Studio C

When Online Dating Goes Too Fa...

When Online Dating Goes Too Far. It can be a thrilling feeling to swipe right on a guy or girl that you just might have that special connection with.....

1 week ago

We Must Band Together! Studio C

We Must Band Together!

We Must Band Together! There is an alien invasion coming Earth's way! Australia is leading the counter-offensive, but will they get the support of the...

2 weeks ago

The Hard Life Of A Male Penguin Studio C

The Hard Life Of A Male Pengui...

The Hard Life of a Male Penguin. These little guys are known for their cuteness. The waddling, the marching...did we mention the waddling? But they'll...

2 weeks ago

A Few Friendly Wagers Studio C

A Few Friendly Wagers

A Few Friendly Wagers. How well do you know your friends? Well enough to know what they are going to do? Well enough to make MONEY by predicting what ...

3 weeks ago

Christmas Morning Mayhem Studio C

Christmas Morning Mayhem

Christmas Morning Mayhem. It's a good time opening presents on Christmas morning, but the gifts themselves have a very different perspective on it all...

3 weeks ago

Man vs. Packaging Studio C

Man vs. Packaging

Man vs. Packaging. Adam finds himself in need of a cutting object. But what do you do when you need a cutting object to un-package your new one? Be Su...

4 weeks ago

Worst Elf Ever Studio C

Worst Elf Ever

Worst Elf Ever. Did you think Santa's helpers were all perfect little workers? Think again. Enjoy the newest in the "Worst Ever" series! Be Sure To Su...

4 weeks ago

An Evil Dinner Party Studio C

An Evil Dinner Party

An Evil Dinner Party. There are so many movie baddies out there. These are the villains that are determined to ruin the hero's life. Is there one that...

1 month ago

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A Collection of Lovable Characters Studio C

A Collection of Lovable Charac...

A Collection of Lovable Characters. Some are the kind of lovable where you want to be best friends with them, others are the kind where you wish you c...

1 month ago

The Interrogation of Santa Claus Studio C

The Interrogation of Santa Cla...

The Interrogation of Santa Claus. How much do we really know about Old Saint Nick? These kids have some questions, and they want answers! Be Sure To ....

1 month ago

A Very Viral Christmas Studio C

A Very Viral Christmas

A Very Viral Christmas. The true meaning of Christmas is love, joy, and...selfies? Saint Nick may be more confused than jolly after this mall appearan...

1 month ago

A Crushing Christmas Party Studio C

A Crushing Christmas Party

A Crushing Christmas Party. The holidays are a difficult time if you don't have anyone in your life, but some people choose to be more dramatic than o...

2 months ago

A Yummy Food Compilation Studio C

A Yummy Food Compilation

A Yummy Food Compilation. Warning: This scrumptious set of sketches is sure to make you snacky. So beware of watching on an empty stomach! Be Sure To ...

2 months ago

Bad Bobby Brown Tongue Twister Studio C

Bad Bobby Brown Tongue Twister

Bad Bobby Brown Tongue Twister. Butch and the boys are in a bad spot with Bobby Brown! Enjoy the newest tongue twister! Be Sure To Subscribe to Studio...

2 months ago

Worst Mechanic Ever Studio C

Worst Mechanic Ever

Worst Mechanic Ever. You know those people that know more about cars than they do well, pretty much anything else? Yeah, he's not one of those people.

2 months ago

Masters of Disguise Compilation Studio C

Masters of Disguise Compilatio...

Masters of Disguise Compliation. We've had a lot of costumes over the years. Wigs, fake noses, period outfits, we've done it all! Please enjoy our com...

2 months ago

Studio C Spooky Recuts Studio C

Studio C Spooky Recuts

Studio C Spooky Recuts. We've had plenty of wild characters through the years on Studio C! We decided to revisit some of them make a compilation of on...

3 months ago

Don Studio C

Don't Go In That Door!

Don't Go In That Door! Sometimes following the rules is so hard! They know they're not supposed to go through the door...but they probably will. Be Su...

3 months ago

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