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Studio C Videos

The Crayon Song Gets Ruined Studio C

The Crayon Song Gets Ruined

The Crayon Song Gets Ruined. The Wonderful Show's Imaginary Fun Learning Emporium-Palooza Extravaganza Hour get's ruined by an unhappy crayon.

4 years ago

Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling (Original) Studio C

Top Soccer Shootout Ever With ...

A soccer match between the Yale Bulldogs and the North Carolina Tar Heels comes down to Scott Sterling and the most epic penalty kick shootout you'll ...

4 years ago

Game of Life IRL Studio C

Game of Life IRL

Game of Life IRL. Jumanji meets the Game of Life. Sounds exciting? Well then you have NO IDEA what kind of danger, crazy and wild adventure is in stor...

2 years ago

Poker Face Studio C

Poker Face

Poker Face. Poker is not for the faint of heart. Watch as these masters play for $1000000 and how they handle the stress Be Sure To Subscribe to Studi...

6 years ago

Channel Surfing Studio C

Channel Surfing

Channel Surfing. When you take the risk and channel surf you never know what to expect will come on your TV. Watch as James tries to find something wo...

6 years ago

Prom Dress Gone Wrong - Brooklyn and Bailey Studio C

Prom Dress Gone Wrong - Brookl...

Watch what happens when prom dresses go horribly wrong with Brooklyn and Bailey. Be Sure To Subscribe ▻ Special thanks to the ...

4 years ago

Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling Studio C

Best Volleyball Blocks Ever wi...

Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling - Studio C. Scott Sterling is BACK defending his team in the Volleyball Championship. And as per usual...

3 years ago

Prop Switch Studio C

Prop Switch

Prop Switch. Sometimes, the props used in a sketch can make a huge difference. Watch as Studio C changes a normal conversation into a funny one with a...

6 years ago

Poker Face 2: All In Studio C

Poker Face 2: All In

Poker Face 2: All In. Join us for this year's coverage of the World Championship of Texas Hold'em Poker. We have some old sages, last year's winner an...

3 years ago

Dana's Dead Tongue Twister Studio C

Dana's Dead Tongue Twister

Dana's Dead Tongue Twister. Tongue twisters are always difficult, but Studio C wont stop until they get this one right! Watch as they act out the myst...

6 years ago

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International Relations Studio C

International Relations

America goes shopping and runs into some old friends and enemies. Will she be able to stay diplomatic, or will she lose her cool?! Be Sure To Subscrib...

5 years ago

Jeremy Isn't Real Studio C

Jeremy Isn't Real

Jeremy Isn't Real. I know we ALL think we're Studio C experts, but get ready to learn the BIGGEST SECRET OF STUDIO C!!! ....EVER!!!! Be Sure To Subscr...

2 years ago

How Are You Feeling Studio C

How Are You Feeling

How Are You Feeling. Whitney creates a feelings board at work hoping it will help people express their emotions. Watch as the feelings board turns out...

6 years ago

Protecting the Innocent Studio C

Protecting the Innocent

Protecting the innocent. Bring your daughter to work day can be complicated when you are a detective investigating a homicide. Watch as these parents ...

6 years ago

Practical Philosophy Studio C

Practical Philosophy

Watch Studio C Mondays at 10pm ET/8pm MT on BYUtv. Watch full episodes of Studio C online here: Like Studio C on Facebook: .....

5 years ago

The Restaurant of Life Studio C

The Restaurant of Life

The Restaurant of Life. Eating at The Restaurant of Life is always exciting and unexpected. Enjoy your meal! Be Sure To Subscribe ▻

3 years ago

Bad Extra Studio C

Bad Extra

Bad Extra. During the filming of a romantic drama, one bad actor can draw all the attention. Watch as this proposal takes a drastic turn and see if yo...

6 years ago

Mafia Studio C


Mafia. Mafia is a game that is good for any party as long as the rules are explained clearly. Watch as the cast of Studio C forgets to include a very ...

6 years ago

The New Go-Pro Setting Studio C

The New Go-Pro Setting

The New Go-Pro Setting. Do you LOVE your Go-Pro?!? Well, just when you thought it couldn't be better, there is a new setting which will change your EN...

3 years ago

The Doorstep: Part 1 Studio C

The Doorstep: Part 1

The Doorstep: Part 1. Every date you go on must come to an end, and that usually ends at their door. Watch as Matt tries to get up the courage to kiss...

6 years ago

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