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WATERWORLD in GTA 5! Race Gameplay!

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Nahráno uživatelem Funhaus Waterworld (1995) - In a future where overconsumption of light beer has caused the world's population to urinate so much that sea levels rise and submerge most of the land on earth, a mutated Lawrence Sonntag reluctantly plays Grand Theft Auto in order to prove the supremacy of the new humans, or "Newumans".

Co-starring James Willems as The Mad Mariner, Adam Kovic as Admiral Gruntbottom, and featuring DarkBillie as The Boy Who Cared, Waterworld cost over $70 to make, and never recouped its initial investment. Shot entirely on location in Death Valley, CA, the water had to be shipped in from both coasts, and is considered now to be the start of the current California drought.

On its release, Rogbart Engber gave Waterworld the rating of "I dunno, a couple'a fingers," citing its excessive reliance on fart jokes and animal porn. However, time has been kind to this film, and it is now widely regarded as a "lost classic" of mid-mid-90s cinema.


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