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Daylyt: I Wouldn't Care If Hulk Hogan Called My Son the N-Word

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Nahráno uživatelem djvlad - The ever-entertaining Daylyt weighed in on Hulk Hogan being exposed for his use of the n-word during a recent chat with VladTV.

Right off the bat, the controversial battle rapper made it clear he doesn't take offense to Hogan's use of the word.

"I don't mind. I don't mind, you know, when somebody who's not Black says ni****," Day responded when asked about the Hulkster using the word. "I don't mean nothing to me," he added. "Hulk Hogan can walk right up to me and say 'Hey you ni****, you gonna get your as* out of here,' and I'll just be like, OH YEAH!"

Moving on, Daylyt was asked how he'd react if Hogan called his son the N-word.

"Most likely my son would cry and ask why he called him a ni****, and I'll go 'It's because you are a ni**** son, don't ever forget that,'" Day responded. "Why? Because your dad is from Niger."

Check out the full clip to hear more on Daylyt's thoughts about other races using the n-word, plus his admiration for Dennis Rodman, whom Day calls "the first troll ever."
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