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14 Notable Vehicle Designs from the Past | 1932 - 2009 Vehicles

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Nahráno uživatelem Minds Eye Design From cars to bikes to boats and planes, engineers are always trying to revolutionize their industry, and sometimes they come up with some pretty extraordinary designs. Here's our list of 14 notable vehicle designs from the past | 1932 - 2009 vehicles.

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Featured Vehicle Designs ⭐
14. Stout Scarab (1932)
Designed by William Stout
13. Vantasta (1972) by Darryl Starbird
12. Monster Motorbike from Hell (2008)
Created by Ray Baumann
11. Terry Crooks Zephyr Deco and Deco Scoot (1939)
10. Martin Aerodynamic (1932)
Design by James V. Martin
9. Circraft (1966) Gettn' Round
Design by Del Van Emmerik
Image credit: KDawgFilmz
8. PZL M15 Belphegor (1973) USSR
Manufactured by WSK PZL-Mielec
7. Majestic (1929) France
Designed by George Roy
6. MB200 Bomber (the 1930s) France
Designed by Société des Avions Marcel Bloch
5. Helicat 22 (2013)
4. Citroen (the 1950s) France
Created by French coachbuilder Currus
3. Snaefell Hybrid Motorcycle Car
Designed by Francois Knorreck
2. Bartini Baruev VVA-14
Designed by Robert Bartini
1. The B-120 Wraith (2009)

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14 Notable Vehicle Designs from the Past | 1932 - 2009 Vehicles
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