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WOMB RAIDER - Demo Disk Gameplay

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Nahráno uživatelem Funhaus As you may have heard, we're experiencing a bit of a drought here in California. Things are bad - we're pretty much out of water, wildfires are raging through the state, lawns are going brown, and now restaurants aren't even giving free ice water anymore. We can barely stand the suffering.

One thing there's NOT a drought of, though, is DEMO DISKS! That's right, kids - here at Funhaus, we have plenty of shitty free discs...enough to last through 3 full years of drought! That's 3 years of partially completed adventure games, glitchy shooters made in 1999, and sports sims featuring players who've been jailed for 15 years.

Funhaus recommends you stock your house with at least 18 months worth of demo discs, just in case an emergency strikes. Keep a small book of 12 discs in your car as well - you can never be too prepared.

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