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Serayah McNeill Speaks On 'Empire' & 'Power' Comparisons

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Nahráno uživatelem djvlad - With a certain level of fame comes antagonists who will try and downplay you and/or your projects' success. Case in point: "Empire," one of FOX's highest-rated hits in decades. 50 Cent - executive producer for "Power," has let it be known how he feels about the show time, and time (and time) again. Even Bow Wow decided to add his two cents, stating back in April that "Empire" is full of stereotypical Black roles. Serayah McNeil - one of the singing sensations on the music-filled series - on the other hand, couldn't care less.

In this clip the 20-year-old actress compares the two shows, calling "Empire" more glamorized, whereas 50's "Power" series is on the Starz network, providing them with the opportunity to be grittier. "They get to push the limits a lot more," she believes.

When it comes to Bow Wow - aka Shad Moss - Serayah understands "where he's coming from" since Bow has recently steered away from typical Black roles and has a recurring act on "CSI: Cyber." On the same note, she strongly feels all parts of Black culture should be showcased, no matter what profession you may be acting out on a show.

See how Serayah feels about Empire and people threatening to sue them above.
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