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Chemical Pregnancy Defined

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Nahráno uživatelem FertilityPartnership

Chemical pregnancy is when you have a blood test done to confirm pregnancy and it is positive. Unfortunately, repeat tests do not continue to rise or stay the same but ultimately we never see the pregnancy on ultrasound. It's disappointing to have a chemical pregnancy but at Fertility Partnership we want you to know that there is good news there in that sperm and egg met and they formed an embryo. That embryo did in fact connect and implant into the wall of your uterus, and for reasons that could vary, it did not develop into a successful pregnancy.

Now, if unfortunately you've been given the diagnosis of a chemical pregnancy, the reason to be happy is you've made an embryo that was able to implant. I think that you can learn a lot and get help moving forward.

The first thing that I would suggest and what we do at the Fertility Partnership is send off a panel--a battery of blood tests--that could help us understand why this embryo did not successfully continue to grow. Now if the blood tests come back with useful information, often there's a thrombophilia, a medical jargon word for a tendency to make blood clots. It's very common, more common than you think.

There are treatments--baby aspirin and heparin and other things we can do to help give you a successful pregnancy. These conditions often cause recurrent miscarriages later in the pregnancy so it's important to understand why or try to understand why a chemical pregnancy occurs.
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