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Shane Dawson is now getting involved in the beauty drama!

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Shane Dawson just revealed the title of his new beauty series.
Shane revealed on Twitter yesterday the name of the series will be the “Ugly Side of the Beauty World” and honestly, he couldn’t be filming at a better time. The beauty world is being rocked by so many dramas between the James Charles and Tati Westbrook feud and the Jaclyn Hill lipstick disaster. We hope Shane caught all of it and it will definitely be interesting to see how he incorporates it into the series which will be out in the fall. According to Twitter, he had previously been working on a series that got halted. He wrote, “some stuff happened that threw a wrench in the conspiracy series but i’ll explain soon. When one fan tweeted their condolences about the series being shelved, he wrote, “thank u :,) the main theory will now be incorporated into the beauty series
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Yessica Hernandez-Cruz @Yessicahc
Produced by Kelsey Banas & Yessica Hernandez-Cruz
Written by Amanda Holland
Edited by Celene Ramadan


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