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Jain - Makeba (Official Video)

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Nahráno uživatelem JAINVEVO Jain - Makeba - From "Zanaka", album available :
Directed by Greg et Lio
Produced by Spookland
Executive producer ART BRIDGE - Quad group
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"Ooohe" Makeba ma qué bella,
Can i get a " oohe " Makeba,
Makes my body dance for you ,

I want to hear your breath just next to my soul,
I want to feel oppress without any rest,
I want to see you sing, i want to see you fight,
Because you are the real beauty of human right ,


Nobody can beat the Mama Africa,
You follow the beat that she's going to give you,
Only her smile can all make it go,
The sufferation of a thousand more,

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