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Streetdance 3D - Trailer

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Nahráno uživatelem Streetdance 3D - Trailer Sparks fly as the world of street dance and ballet collide in the vibrant, uplifting and ground breaking StreetDance. Whilst training for the UK Championships, a street dance crew are forced to work with ballet dancers in return for free rehearsal space. With no common ground and passions riding high, the two groups of dancers realise they need to find a way of working together to compete at the Championships. Directed by award-winning duo Max & Dania, StreetDance features the cream of UK dance talent including show-stopping performances from Britain's Got Talent winners Diversity; dance sensations Flawless and George Sampson; Matthew Bourne protégé Richard Winsor; and breakthrough Brit actress Nichola Burley. Charlotte Rampling also stars as the inspirational ballet schoolmistress. Celý popis online videa



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