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Cassidy and Fred Money Talk NBA Finals & LeBron James Skills

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Nahráno uživatelem djvlad - Emcees Cassidy and Fred Money took a seat on the VladTV couch recently, and during their interview they discussed the Warriors NBA Championship win, which Cassidy clearly saw coming. "Their chemistry wasn't all the way right" Cassidy says of the defeated Cleveland Cavaliers, though Fred Money thinks otherwise.

While many have argued that LeBron James doesn't have that "will to win," Fred Money quickly comes to his defense, reminding everyone that he is the first person to have played in the NBA Finals five years in a row since retired Celtics player Bill Russell in the 1960s. The two continue with the trash talk throughout the clip, discussing the Michael Jordan and King James comparisons and why Cassidy feels the Eastern Conference was "trash." Press play to hear more, and let us know if you feel LeBron James could eventually reach MJ status below.
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