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Friendleader - A Karkat Vantas Fansong By PhemieC

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Nahráno uživatelem IWasBored9922 ~I am not PhemieC! I just made the lyric video as a fan of their music!!!~

☆彡★彡☆彡★彡 Credits ☆彡★彡☆彡★彡
Music/Track Art: PhemieC
Find Them Here:
Support PhemieC/Purchase these songs!:
Check Out Their Webcomic:

Art In Lyric Parts: Kayla
Find Her Here:
Support Kayla!:

Video: Gabu (Beep-Boop That's Me)
Font Used: ABeat By Kai


I'm back! I blame school, me getting sick (I've been sick for over a month and I just have a stuffy nose and cough but I never got a cough in so long anymore and I feel like I'm gonna die), and Pokemon X and AC:NL as the reason as to why I haven't posted in awhile. I know some of you might have been expecting Double Time, but uhhh this came out and I just had to, so uhhhh sorry! Don't worry though it'll be the next video that I upload! Also I really want to thank all the lovely people who have subscribed to me and/or left such nice comments! (; ^ ;) You are all too nice! Make sure to follow the singer PhemieC at their tumblr!
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