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Fire Emblem Series: Music Arrangements Ultimate Medley

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Nahráno uživatelem shadowofchaos725 Making it clear, *I DID NOT MAKE THIS*.

Mother of crap, I'm shocked no one uploaded this yet from Nico Nico Douga.

*SPOILER WARNING* This video contains footage from Fire Emblem games 1-10 to fit with the musical arrangement.

By (編曲者): Imami Yuka/GODHER

Over 169,000 views on Nico Nico Douga... and well earned.

Man this thing made me cry at least twice from how beautiful the arrangements are.

Audio Download:

Fire Emblem Commercial Lyrics:

Music List:
0:00 [Mystery of the Emblem] Advance
0:37 [Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light] Enemy Phase
1:13 [Mystery of the Emblem] Akaneia Overture
1:26 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Main Theme Intro
1:55 [Radiant Dawn]↑Bearer of Hope/↓Eternal Bond
2:11 [Radiant Dawn] Eternal Bond
3:35 [Gaiden] Battle Map 1-1 (Alm 1)
4:00 [Blazing Sword] Winds Across the Plains [Gaiden] Battle Map 1-1 (Alm 1)
4:14 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Chapter 1 (Girl of the Spirit Forest)
4:30 [Radiant Dawn] Eternal Bond
4:37 [Radiant Dawn] Eternal Bond [Genealogy of the Holy War] Disturbance in Agustria
4:51 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Chapter 2: Disturbance in Agustria
5:17 [Sacred Stones] Rise Above
6:39 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Chapter 5: Doors of Destiny/Conversation
7:29 [Mystery of the Emblem] Holy War
7:40 [Mystery of the Emblem] Victory is Ours
8:02 [Mystery of the Emblem] Liberation
8:32 [All] Fire Emblem Main Theme
9:18 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Opening
10:12 [Blazing Sword] Reminiscence
11:18 [Thracia 776] Leif Army ~In Search of Victory~ Base
12:30 [Path of Radiance] With Us!
12:49 [Genealogy of the Holy War ・ Thracia 776 ・ Binding Blade]
Join Us!
13:05 [Mystery of the Emblem ・ Blazing Sword]
Together we Ride!
13:37 [Sacred Stones] Comrades
13:47 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Final Chapter: "The Final Holy War"
13:58 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Victory is Near
14:18 [Path of Radiance] Life Returns
14:46 [Sacred Stones] Confront the Past
15:09 [Path of Radiance] Life Returns
16:16 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Silesia Palace
16:36 [Mystery of the Emblem] Insurrection
17:34 [Blazing Sword] Enemies Appear
18:03 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Agustria Army
18:36 [Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn] Against the Black Knight/Unstoppable Destiny [Genealogy] Agustria Army
18:48 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Verdane's Barbarians
19:35 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Crisis 2
19:58 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Versus Alvis/Arvis
20:15 [Gaiden] Battle Map 3 - Battle Map 2-1 (Celica 1) aka "With Mila's Divine Protection"
20:42 [Gaiden] Battle Map 4 - Battle Map 2-2 (Celica 2)
21:03 [Gaiden] Battle 1 (Player)
21:26 [Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light] [Shadow Dragon] [Mystery of the Emblem] Chapter Start/Trouble!
21:59 [Thracia 776] Leif Army ~In Search of Victory~ Adversity
22:42 [Thracia 776] Leif Army ~In Search of Victory~ Searching for the Enemy
22:59 [Binding Blade and Blazing Sword] Winning Road
23:45 [Sacred Stones] Lights in the Dark
24:44 [Sacred Stones] The Final Battle
25:29 [Mystery of the Emblem] War of Heroes
26:36 [Genealogy of the Holy War] Light and Dark
27:49 [Radiant Dawn] Time of Action
27:55 [Radiant Dawn] Ascent
28:07 [Radiant Dawn] Ascent/[Gaiden] Final Map (Player)
28:20 [Gaiden] Final Map (Player)
28:26 [Radiant Dawn] Ascent
28:45 [Path of Radiance] Crimean Army Sortie
29:04 [Path of Radiance] Congregation of Ambition
29:14 [Radiant Dawn] Ascent
29:39 [Binding Blade and Blazing Sword] Path of the Divine Generals
30:22 [Binding Blade] Dark Priestess
30:54 [Binding Blade] Shaman in the Dark
31:49 [Mystery of the Emblem] Dragons' Altar
32:03 [Mystery of the Emblem] Dark Earth Dragon
32:35 [Commercial] Fire Emblem Theme (Karaoke)
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