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Origin of Life on Earth in Hindi | पृथ्वी की उत्पत्ति और मनुष्य के विकास की कहानी

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Nahráno uživatelem Ancient World A story of Earth's Formation and Origin of Life.

This video explains the formation of Solar System and Earth, Origin of Life, Development of life, Human development and their achievements.

यह वीडियो सौर मंडल और पृथ्वी के बनने , जीवन की उत्पत्ति, जीवन के विकास, मानव विकास और उनकी उपलब्धियों को समझाता है।

This video will solve the following general queries,

1. How was the Earth formed?
2. How was the planet formed?
3. When was the Solar system formed?
4. How was the solar system born?
5. When was the origin of life?
6. How did life begin on Earth?
7. How old are humans?
8. When did the first Hominids leave Africa?
9. What killed the Dinosaurs?
10. How was the Moon formed?

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