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Bow Wow ft. Mike Jones - Fresh Az I'm Iz (Official Video)

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Nahráno uživatelem BowWowVEVO Bow Wow's official music video for 'Fresh Az I'm Iz' ft. Mike Jones. Click to listen to Bow Wow on Spotify:

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When I was 8 I was rhymin' not back yard game playin'
Watchin' Snoop anxiously and waitin' for my chance man
Hot and cocky wit it cause I know that I am man
I'm goin' down in history like American Band Stand
I stay fresh to def like the neighborhood dope man
I stay on the top cause I keep comin' wit dough man
U steady watchin' steady but there ain't no hope man
U dealin' wit somethin' bigger than the US open
And ain't no jokin'
Fresh like fatlaces and dukey ropes and I keep on smokin'
Young but I'm ready so that means I'm strokin'
if you pet me now days girl a dawg is soakin'
Addicted to it JD say I got it bad
18 nigga makin' more than yo dad (see)
They think they doin' it but I'ma out do em
If you know somebody like that pull up and say to em

Ye ain't ridin' (ye ain't ridin')
Ye ain't bumpin' like I'm bumpin'
Ye ain't sayin' nothing homie
Ye ain't fresh azimiz
Ye ain't got it (ye ain't got it)
You don't keep it thuggin' like I keep it thuggin'
Lil buddy you ain't fresh azimiz

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