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Management Lecture Series - Eileen Bewley, President, Bevcorp, LLC

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Nahráno uživatelem Lakeland Community College April 16, 2019

Eileen Bewley is the president of Bevcorp, a North American based company that provides fillers, blenders, seamers and handling equipment for high speed food and beverage producers, headquartered in Willoughby, Ohio Bevcorp is known in the industry for being a leader in reliability and is fully committed to improving customer productivity. Bevcorp does this by leveraging our application and design expertise, customer orientation, service and parts capabilities, while maintaining a small company feel.

Eileen graduated from University of Maryland with a degree in Spanish and political science. She completed her masters in applied behavioral science from Antioch University. She has worked in packaging equipment for over 25 years, primarily in Midwestern American companies doing business globally.

An impassioned linguist, Eileen speaks fluent Spanish and German and dabbles in Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese and any other language that she has a chance to learn. She is a world traveler, enamored by culture and customs. Eileen is a fitness enthusiast. She is interested in mentoring young people through work and general life events and most of all, in the health and happiness of her family, including four grandchildren.
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