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FAST & EASY ALCHEMY LEVELING in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Nahráno uživatelem SuperbadRPGer A super simple, super easy guide to level alchemy fast. In this guide, you'll be shown the fastest, simplest way to get your alchemy up quickly to be able to autobrew 3 potions at once, including such valuable potions as savior schnapps. Why waste time mixing components for hours making your savior schnapps when you can use autobrew and make 3 at once? And this guide will show you how to do just that! No need for learning reading. No need for buying recipes. No need for doing every step of every recipe. Easiest alchemy guide out for Kingdom Come: Deliverance!

(I) on my most recent test of autobrewing, it appears that you must brew this potion using all the steps (at least once) to be able to autobrew it. I'm not sure if this was a patch or if was always this here is the complete recipe once you get to level 10:
Whole recipe:
(1) use the water base
(2) add 1 nettle to base
(3) cook (don't boil) 1 turn
(4) add 2 marigold to mixture
(5) use phial on mixture

(II) the experience for auto-brewing potions has been severely nerfed. It used to be 40 experience, same as slow-boat brewing. But now auto-brew only gives 4 experience and brewing a potion manually gives 40 experience still. So if you're limited on ingredients and want to get that auto-brew 3, you'll probably have to bear the burden of another 3 levels once you hit 10. Otherwise, you'll have to use 10x as many ingredients to get triple auto-brew. In all honesty, it seems a bit fair. Once you got to auto-brew it seemed like a waste of time to do it manually. Now, there is once again reason to manually brew potions!
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