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Care Package Delivery to a Homeless Camp | GiveBackFilms

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Nahráno uživatelem GiveBackFilms This weeks video features a new partnership we have with New Hope Ministries. Their main goal is to feed the homeless and provide a place of comfort on Sunday mornings that includes breakfast and Church. We approached two homeless men and after talking to them, they allowed us to come take a tour of their very innovative campsite. Behind a few businesses sits Paul and Greg's campsite that overlooks the railroad tracks. We got to know the two a little more and surprised them with a care package that included; lots of groceries, an Eno Hammock for the both of them, and a large supply of camping materials. Paul and Greg were thrilled about the groceries and their new spot to relax. If you would like to receive more info about New Hope Ministries or have employment opportunities for Paul and Greg, please email

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Special thanks to Union Hill Church and New Hope Ministries for letting us share their story. Also thanks to Zach Thorne for helping us film.

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Thank you!
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