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Homeless Man Gives Away Money | Social Experiment

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Nahráno uživatelem GiveBackFilms In this video, our friend Terry, a homeless man living in Venice Beach, California helped us give out free money to strangers... but very few actually took the money. Why? Our best guess is that those who walked by simply assumed that he was asking for money, and didn't take the time to read the sign or even acknowledge that he was there. We want to spread awareness to issues such as this and prove that a lot of the time, homeless people are simply good people in unfortunate situations. Next time you come across a homeless person, try and realize this fact and respect them accordingly.

This is the first of the "Social Experiments" that we will be doing, along with the types of videos that we generally do. All of our video will still fit the themes of giving back, paying it forward and making people happy. Stay tuned!

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