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Jacqueline and Jilly - OFFICIAL TRAILER

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Nahráno uživatelem RLJE Films JACQUELINE AND JILLY on DVD, VOD & Digital HD April 2!

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Starring Victoria Rowell, Daphne Maxwell Reid, Richard Brooks, Nikko Austen Smith
Written and Directed by Victoria Rowell

The respectable Mitchel family is the envy of their wealthy, well-educated Virginia community. They seem to have it all but under the surface, scandal and heartbreak are tearing them apart. Once strong and passionate, the marriage of Jacqueline and Magnus is on the verge of collapse. Zillah, the family matriarch, has alienated her loved ones with her overbearing ways. And young Jilly Mitchell has fallen into a crippling prescription drug addiction that threatens, not just her college graduation, but her life. Three generations face a devastating wakeup call where they must learn to come together and renew the bonds of faith and family or lose everything they hold dear.
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