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Political Analyst Professor Jyothsna Sensational Secrets About CM KCR Meets MLA Roja Home | MirrorTV

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Nahráno uživatelem Mirror Tv Political Analyst Professor Jyothsna Sensational Secrets About CM KCR Meets MLA Roja Home

Prof. Jyothsna Tirunagari is the President of Samskara Foundation, a Non Profit Organization based at Hyderabad, Telangana that seeks to train, motivate and assist people to improve the quality of life through Holistic Education and Healthcare. She is a Phd in Management,Post graduate in Finance ,Graduate in Computer Applications and a Diploma in Pharmacy. She is a dynamic and passionate born leader who has been working relentlessly for the upliftment of the downtrodden. She is an Experienced Educationalist, Administrator, a social scientist, with interdisciplinary research experience, team and institution builder for providing value based education with global perspective and above all a dedicated honest worker with strong leadership traits. She has started her Political Career as contestantcorporator,Nimboliadda,Kachiguda,Hyderabad,Telangana,India.She is on her political journey with newly formed party TJS under the great leadership of Prof.Kodanda Ram & Mr.Kapilavai Dileep.

Prof.Jyothsna Tirunagari is Born and Brought up in a Brahmin family from the city of Warangal,Telangana State,India. She is married to Dr.Sreedhar Tirunagari in Hyderabad and has 2 children Miss Kritika and Master Kartik Studying at GIIS in 10th class and 7th class who are the school toppers and bagged prices in Olympiads.Her father is a Educationalist ,Prof in English,retired as Principal Govt Degree College in Warangal. She has a brother and Sister both are Postgraduates.

Prof Jyothsna Tirunagari has experience in various corporate organizations and has worked for Ernst & Young,Deloitte.She then worked has Faculty for Sreenidhi Engineering College, VBIT, ICBM School of Business Management and Stanley Engineering College ,Telangana state,India.She has a startup CARAKA CLINICAL AND TRANSLATIONAL SCIENCES PVT LTD ,Contact Research Organization Employing 20 Employees.

Prof Jyothsna Tirunagari is founder president of SAMSKARA a NGO based at Hyderabad,Telangana,India.Since its inception SAMSKARA has been striving hard to create stronger and healthier impact on the society especially the state of Telangana which was under atrocities for years together, trying to make the people of Telangana more vigilant about their rights and duties. After the formation of the separate State of Telangana. SAMSKARA has been striving towards Bangaaru Telangana by working towards a holistic society which is full of Health, Wealth and Well being of the people of Telangana.
She has Organized Free Medical Camps, in area of high density of low income people, in hope to spread the wellness idea and reaching the needy patients. Until today She has successfully conducted more than 150 Medical Camps. All these camps have been well supported by the medical faculty, the hospitals, pharma companies, nursing staff , local political individuals and local authorities. Apart from medical camps She has Organized various MOTIVATIONAL TRAININGS, PRE RECRUITMENT TRAININGS, MEMORY WORKSHOPS, COUNSELLINGS, LEGAL SUPPORT SESSIONS and many more such activities. Her aim is to bridge the gaps in the society which become hurdles in the development of the society.

Prof Jyothsna Tirunagari has partnered SAMSKARA with many National and International NGO's like NORD, Patient Crossroads, Disabilty Foundation BLN Charitable Trust, Paravasthu Creatives, National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants, Research Advocacy Network ,Organization for Rare diseases in India ,Duchene connect, Treat-NMD, Ability Path, Guarding Minds @ Work, Child Mind Institute, Global Health Trials, International Society of Hypertension, Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO, PRIM&R, Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, Hyderabad Chapter, Cervical Cancer Action (PATH),Pradhan Mantri Kaushal vikas Yojana ( Skill development).

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