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Video Surfaces of Ex-Cop Who Coerced Women Drivers

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Nahráno uživatelem djvlad - Ohio trooper Bryan Lee can be seen openly flirting with a driver whom he pulled over for allegedly cutting him off, on dash cam footage that cost him his job.

A random spot check of traffic stop dash cam footage led to an investigation after Lee's supervisors saw how he handled the women during the stop. The footage shows the former trooper openly flirting with the driver and her passenger, and then letting the driver go after she seemed to have not fully passed the field sobriety test.

The dash cam also shows the passenger getting in Lee's car before it shuts off, and the woman told investigators that the trooper took a photo of her breasts. She added that Lee added her on Facebook the following day and continued to message her for two months, which the woman said she found "creepy."

Lee, a married father of three children, is now serving 60-months in federal prison.
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