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Day 7, Vegan Challenge Week!

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Nahráno uživatelem Christine Kobzeff My Blog:
Vegan Challenge Week, Day 7! We made it! Thank you guys so much for following along with me on this experiment. My mission was to go vegan for one week. I was a plant-based vegetarian for over 11 years and after this experiment I have now decided to go plant-based vegan. During this past week, not only did I make it a goal to eat vegan, wear only animal friendly items (no leather) and use only cruelty-free makeup brands but I spent every evening researching as much as possible and educating myself on animals within the meat and dairy industry. What I found, I could no longer ignore or contribute to... I started as a vegetarian mostly for health but I'm going vegan for ethics. Love you guys! xo Christine
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