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15 Questions I Have For YouTube [Strike Conclusion]

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Nahráno uživatelem Sky Williams IMPORTANT NOTES: This video has been demonetized by choice. I have been told that my functions of my channel are back in working order - and the strike was lifted. It is not my intention to take this and profit from it, which is why both videos pertaining to this topic have been demonetized from the second they were uploaded. While I am aware that the situation caused traffic which leads to potential growth, I am attempting to limit the profits from this truly upsetting ordeal.

YouTube is far from perfect, but it wouldn't be fair for me to leave the platform and completely shit on it, because without it, I wouldn't have you and your words that have kept me sane and alive for 5 years. Your interactions, your engagements, your presence here is all I've ever wanted. You all have stuck with me through some shitty times, so I'll take your example - and not just cold turkey leave YT.

My biggest regret is wasting your time. The absence from YouTube and my inconsistent uploads have virtually nothing to do with laziness, but my own inability to convince myself that it was something worth posting. I did that to keep a clean record on my channel, and that failed miserably - seeing as then all my good works would get trashed and i'd feel so scared and pressured to perform that i'd get drunk and make low effort garbage.

Picture, if you will, that Content on YouTube is like Cereal. On this site, so many of you are used to getting Store Brand dry ass Corn flakes that you see it as normal and ideal. My goal with this channel was to give you Frosted Flakes - and instead I gave you nothing. or worse, kiks.

Though tragic, this event has a positive - and that is that i no longer fear uploading, at all. I can't afford to. In this industry there are people that have done some pretty shady stuff, and as you all know some of that betrayal stuff happened to me. I still care about those people, even now, and I don't think I'll ever stop. However I've learned that I am not safe. Ever. Which has pushed my mind into 'If we're going to get back-stabbed anyway lets die laughing'.

I've gained some of you, and I've lost some of you. My heart hurts from thinking about disappointing my audience and the time i spent working for a platform which ended up being the nail in my mental coffin.

I am exhausted, demoralized, discouraged, angry, frustrated and afraid but I'm still here.

I'm not going anywhere until I'm done, and I'm not even close.

also im not going to open a patreon you fucking fiends LOL go away.

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