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920Hp Ford RS200 Pikes Peak Version // Retro Rides 2017 Dramatic Run

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Nahráno uživatelem HillClimb Monsters Liam Doran and his 900+ Hp Ford RS200 specially prepared for Pikes Peak, made a special appearance at this year´s edition of Retro Rides Gathering in Shelsley Walsh.

With more power, less weight and more aerodynamic aids than ever, the exDieter Knuttel machine tackled the historic British Hillclimb in brutal fashion with the ex-Rallycross driver going a bit beyond the limits and producing some incredible images.

Special Thanks to Ben Green and IR-STAR-DUST for providing some of the scenes used on this video. To check Ben Green´s original Movie with a compilation of almost all machines present at Retro Rides Gathering 2017 click here ---»

To check IR-STAR-DUST´s Channel, you can g right here ---»
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