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'DOOZERS' &' PAJANIMALS' - 30" TV Spot - Enjoy Jim Henson's Creations

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Nahráno uživatelem StudiocanalUK Welcome to Doozer Creek, where the Doozers live. They’re green, they’re cute, they’re three inches tall, and they’re full of energy, ideas, and enthusiasm. Meet the Pod Squad: Spike, Molly Bolt, Flex, and Daisy Wheel who bounce from one fabulous kid adventure to the next. They love to DESIGN, CREATE, and INNOVATE. These Doozers are DOERS – they put their ideas into action and always have a fantastic time!


From the comfort of their magical bedroom, the Pajanimals share the last moments of play before the day ends. This special time together leads to different discoveries, but one thing is always clear—the world around them is welcoming and safe, and night-time is a cosy, special time when accompanied by friendship and a song.

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