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LearnOBots Summer Science & Technology Camp 2017

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Nahráno uživatelem LearnOBots LearnOBots presents ‘Summer Science & Technology Camp 2017’ where we let your child's imagination take flight. We offer a vast array of fun, hands-on activities that enable your children to experiment with the fascinating world of Science and Technology, empowering them with the necessary skills of the 21st century, including:

• Robotics
• Electronics
• 3D modelling and printing
• Character development
• Astronomy
• Game Development
• Renewable energy
• Basics of programming
• First Aid training

You can join any one of the following camps:
Camp 1 (5th June – 16th June)
Camp 2 (5th July – 19th July)
Camp 3 (24th July – 8th August)

For registrations and more details please contact on the given numbers:
0315 3333494
0331 5972232
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