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Lakeland's First Year Experience - Health Technologies

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Nahráno uživatelem Lakeland Community College Northeast Ohio has become a center for medical care and research. With the rapid growth in this industry, it’s easy to see why there are so many career opportunities in Health Technologies.

Whether you wish to work with patients, research medicines, test samples, or support the activity in the office, Lakeland’s programs in Health Technologies can prepare you for a career where you make a difference. Employers actively recruit Lakeland graduates because of the college’s reputation for quality health and science education.

Many of the degree and certificate programs in Health Technologies include clinical experience or an internship. This opportunity puts you directly into the field and gives you professional experience while still in school. Employers often use clinical experience, or internship as a time to “try before they buy.” Many students receive job offers after completing their internship. Over 95% of graduates in these programs find employment in the field or continue their education.

After completing your Associate of Applied Science degree, new opportunities open up for you. Some opportunities are available at The Holden University Center where you can pursue a bachelor’s degree with Lakeland’s partner universities. Programs in the Health Technologies are designed to seamlessly transfer into degree programs so you can continue your education right here on Lakeland’s campus.

The career outlook in the Health Technologies is great in Northeast Ohio, and these careers allow you to make an impact on others. If starting down the path toward a career in the Health Technologies is right for you, your first step should be to meet with your counselor and discuss your ideas. Together, you can create a completion plan that works for you!
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