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[LYRIC VIDEO] 'The Gift' by Piolo Pascual and Claudine Barretto | 'Milan'

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Nahráno uživatelem ABS-CBN Star Cinema Lino (Piolo Pascual) searches for his wife, Mary Grace (Iza Calzado), who left for Italy to work as a domestic helper. Without so many clues as to where Mary Grace is in Milan, Lino is forced to give his meager piece of land as collateral to finance his trip. For the first time, Lino parts with his nagging siblings and seemingly bleak future in the Philippines. As he arrives in Milan, Lino comes across Jenny (Claudine Baretto), a beautiful Italian-speaking Filipina. Seeing how she could milk Lino’s gullibility and desperation, Jenny takes him as a border in a small apartment. She aims to bring in her family to live with her and escape their problems in Manila. Lino takes Jenny’s hospitality as a blessing. For this, he proudly writes about his high hopes in another unfinished letter for Mary Grace. During Jenny’s free time from work, she takes Lino around Milan, showing him sites and the places where he can find many Filipinos with whom he can inquire about Mary Grace. She would even teach him the Italian language, protect and give him advice, but of course, everything is at a price. And as Jenny prepares him to be more independent in his search, she finds herself drawn towards him - an irony for Jenny, whose dreams of grandeur limits her from personally relating to those other than her Italian boyfriend and employers. Working side by side, Jenny guides Lino once again. She brings him to her workplace - from a villa, vineyard, and office. And so Lino learns first-hand the hardship of domestic work. But more than the physical tasks, Lino struggles with his pride. Nonetheless, with Jenny on his side, he gains his pace and soon enough, even earns enough money to remit some to his relatives in the Philippines. On Jenny’s part, having to be with someone carefree and seemingly pure seems to rub on her for good. In what seems to be a desperate quest and game of survival, Jenny and Lino find refuge and affirmation in each other.

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