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Game Of DRIFT II feat. Ryan Tuerck & Vaughn Gittin Jr: Tuerck'd

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Nahráno uživatelem Network A Tuerck'd Season 2: Episode 1. Professional drift driver Ryan Tuerck takes on 2010 Formula Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. in an all-time Game Of DRIFT at New Jersey's Raceway Park complete with some of the most dangerous and outright ridiculous challenges to date. Tuerck and Vaughn Gittin Jr. are both determined to win, but first they have to prove their drifting skills through a series of challenges including Barrel taps, Drift Limbo, Double Dare Drift (switch!), even blindfold drifting with Chris Forsberg guest navigating. Watermelons are blasted, Super G courses are slayed, and in the end there is only one winner—is it Tuerck or Vaughn Gittin?

Challenge #1 - Barrel Tap 0:48
Challenge #2 - Drift Limbo 1:44
Challenge #3 - Double Dare Drift 2:53
Challenge #4 - Blindfold Drift 4:15
Challenge #5 - Gallagher Drift 5:55
Challenge #6 - Paint Drift 7:52
Challenge #7 - Text Drift 8:38
Challenge #8 - Flip a Bitch 9:49
Challenge #9 - Super G Drift 10:52

Season 2 of Tuerck'd drops alternating Tuesdays, make sure to subscribe to Network A: ‪‪‪‬ ‬‬
Hit up Tuerck in the comments below and he might just respond to you in next week's Burnout Response video.

Produced by Shoot First Media/Andrew Laputka and Network A
Stefan Van Engen and Annie Fast are the executives in charge of production for Network A

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