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Lakeland's First Year Experience - Business, Accounting and Law

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Nahráno uživatelem Lakeland Community College A program in Business, Accounting, and Law is for you if you’re looking for a career in the leadership or support of an organization. Companies in Northeast Ohio have a continuing demand for professionals who understand how a business operates. Lakeland graduates who followed this path have found exciting and rewarding careers.

Lakeland offers several certificates in Business, Accounting, and Law. Earning a certificate is often a short range goal while continuing to pursue a degree in these fields. With a certificate you can show employers you have already completed courses in a specialty area and are ready to make an impact at an organization.

Lakeland prepares you for a career in business or the legal fields by developing the skills demanded by employers. Lakeland’s faculty have real-world experience, and bring that knowledge to the classroom. Advisory committees of employers such as Lubrizol, Progressive Insurance, and Jones Day, ensure Lakeland’s programs are up-to-date with the changing employment market.

After completing your Associate of Applied Business degree many new pathways are open to you. Some of those paths will take you to The Holden University Center to continue your education. Several of Lakeland’s partners offer programs that seamlessly integrate the classes you’ve taken and apply them toward your bachelor’s degree. As you progress, opportunities to pursue your master’s degree become available, all while staying on Lakeland’s campus.

Professionals with backgrounds in legal and management fields are vital to successful business operations. Lakeland has an excellent reputation in Northeast Ohio and our graduates have made impacts at some of the largest companies in our community. Lakeland’s programs will prepare you for the ever-changing work environment.

If starting down the path toward a career in Business, Accounting, and Law is right for you, your first step should be to meet with your counselor and discuss your ideas. Together, you can create a completion plan that works for you!
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