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Collider Heroes - Marvel Civil War Pics/Trailer, Is The Joker Going To Be Jason Todd?

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Nahráno uživatelem Collider Videos Welcome to Collider’s Heroes, hosted by Jon Schnepp, with John Campea and special guest Robert Meyer Burnett. We bring you the latest news about the Cinematic World of Heroes and Villains! On this episode of Collider’s Heroes (Tuesday August 18th 2015) we discuss the following:

1 Civil War! We’ve got lots to talk about!

Black Panther/Winter Soldier set picts online, d23 sizzle reel revealed, Spiderman back for more

2 Fantastic Four: Aftermath

With the second week 69% dropoff, bizarre editing cuts and bad decisions revealed, will a second FF be made, and what happens next?

3 No more DC heroes after Legends of tomorrow

CW President Mark Pedowitz stated that there will not be a new DC Comics show added to the network anytime soon. They have Flash, Arrow, and then Legends of tomorrow. Constantine, Vixen and others will have to do with cameos.

Minor Mutations

1 Evangeline Lilly talks about the Wasp returning

2 Wolverine 3 has berserker rage, prof x, maybe Sabretooth

3 Is the Joker going to be Jason Todd?

4 Is the Blob in xmen Apocalypse?

5 Dr.Strange Production Artwork

Flashback - V for Vendetta (2006)

based on Alan Moore & David Lloyds masterful graphic novel about revolution, The Wachowskis delivered a faithful movie directed by James McTeigue

Spotlight - Hard Boiled (1990)

Frank Miller & Geoff Darrow’s sci fi ultra-violent heavy metal freakout!

A moment of silence for Lenny B Robinson, one of the real batman’s of our world. This man spent his time visiting sick kids dressed as Batman, and gave them all presents.

Twitter Questions

stephen ‏@stephenstolar 10m10 minutes ago

#colliderheroes@JonSchnepp how many times have you seen the#Deadpool trailer and do you have a box office prediction for it ?

ColtBaudoux ‏@coltbaudoux Aug 11

@JonSchnepp should marvel introduce carol danvers,Msmarvel or captainmarvel first?would a kamala khan ms marvel tvshow work?#colliderheroes

Simon ‏@Simonthesith -

@JonSchnepp do you guys think we will see the crime syndicate in the DC Cinematic Universe#colliderheroes

Bryn Hannah ‏@MeSkitz Aug 14

@JonSchnepp how does it feel to know New Line and Tom Hardy are listening to your ideas on#ColliderHeroes.#100Bullets

Andy Ward ‏@TheArkhamTitan 7h7 hours ago

@JonSchnepp#colliderheroes do you think if they release the 1994 version of Fantastic 4 it would get a better response than the 2015 FF?

Sweaty Question of the Week

Mike McHale ‏@mike_mchale Aug 11

@JonSchnepp#colliderheroes What are your thoughts on a Herculoids movie?

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Collider Heroes - Marvel Civil War Pics/Trailer, Is The Joker Going To Be Jason Todd?
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