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Gerardo: Suge Would Get Violent at Interscope to Get His Money

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Nahráno uživatelem djvlad - Gerardo recently recalled some of his more vivid memories of Suge Knight during an interview with VladTV.

The Ecuadorian-born artist first spoke about beating out NWA at an early '90s Los Angeles Music Awards, saying that once he took the stage to accept his trophy for "Rico Suave," he got out of there quickly.

"From that day on, I knew I had made enemies with everybody -- it was like the beginning of the end," Gerardo joked.

The conversation then turned to Gerardo's time at Interscope, and the stories he heard about Death Row CEO Suge Knight coming to get what was owed to him from his parent label.

Explaining that he was at the label as an artist in the early '90s before returning to the label as an executive in 1999, Gerardo related what happened during those years in-between. "I heard stories when Suge would break the door in, and somebody had not given him his check, and he'd pick them up -- I heard stories."

Check out the full clip to hear a whole lot more from Gerardo about Suge Knight and his unorthodox ways; it's a must-watch.
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