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Flash Flood Engulfs My Neighborhood In Minutes

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Nahráno uživatelem Tim Struckmeier On December 11, 2014, drought stricken San Francisco Bay Area, California was hit with a strong rain storm that produced flash flooding in several areas. As heavy rain reached my home, I stood in my carport and began recording video of the storm with my iPhone 6 Plus. The rain steadily increased in intensity and within minutes I could see that the storm drains were unable to handle the ever-increasing volume of water from the storm. I kept recording as a flash flood started to develop. The water level rose quickly, so I opened my side gate to let the flood waters flow more quickly to my back yard, which is lower than my front yard and slopes downward. Fortunately, the water level began to recede before it could flood the inside of my house. Celý popis online videa



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