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Detective Chilled Chaos! (FINGERED)

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Nahráno uživatelem ChilledChaos Welcome to Fun Little Indie Game called Fingered...It's our Job to Finger every guilty person that gets in our way. With the help of the Great Detective, ChilledChaos, we can finally clean up this town! Leave a rating...for...more? Ewww

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Now I know what you are are only playing this game because of the title...AND YOU WOULD BE...WRONG...and I would not finger you based off of that information. The title caught my attention but the art style is what made me purchase it. Plus it kind of seemed like Papers Please which is one of my favorite indie games...of all time (Right up there with FTL)

So what exactly do we do in this video? Well we look through the International crime database where it randomly generates your name and crime...after finding out most of my friends are criminals and being disappointed. I decided to actually hop into the game.

Here is where the real magic happens. You will talk to an eye witness who saw the person commit the crime, and based off of what they tell you you must point out the right guy in the line up to be executed. JUSTICE? I think so!

Game Description (According to Steam)
GUILTY! THEY ARE ALL GUILTY! FINGERED is a "whodunit" hyperrealisic police sim where you must finger the guilty and clean up this darn city using the descriptions of the local busy bodies. but everyone's perspective is different: one man's fat is another man's sexy! send him to the chair!!!

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