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Tiffany Evans - Promise Ring (Video) ft. Ciara

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Nahráno uživatelem tiffanyevansVEVO Tiffany Evans's official music video for 'Promise Ring' featuring Ciara. Click to listen to Tiffany Evans on Spotify:

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To the beat
To the beat
To the beat
'cause I need
Everybody to the floor (why)
'cause this beat is sick (yeah)
It's time to rock (uh)
That's what it is
Tiffany is her name
Love is the game
The only way to play is with this promise ring

Sometimes a girl needs to know that she's appreciated for all the things she does
With some sorta of token of love
'cause without it her young heart won't know (heart won't know)
And right then to my surprise
(He) pulled out a small velour box pink ribbon tied
I'm wondering what's inside
He opened it and then he replied

He said I promise not to hurt you, promise not to lie
Promise to befriend you and defend you with my life
I promise you forever, I promise you today
(He said) would you wear my promise ring
(I said yes)

If you break your promise we breaking up
Gotta couple things that I want
Walks in the park and sweet things
If I rock your promise ring
I could be pretty young thing (young thing)
You could become my king (my king)
I gotta have you by me
Yes, I'll rock your promise ring
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