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'The Vlad Couch' Ft. Mopreme Shakur (Episode 18) Full Interview

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Nahráno uživatelem djvlad - During Mopreme Shakur's sit-down on The Vlad Couch, the Thug Life rapper gives an extremely in-depth look into his stepbrother, Tupac Shakur's life. Growing up with different mothers, Mopreme and Tupac didn't really reconnect until Mopreme settled in Oakland, California after leaving the military. The Southside Jamaica, Queens native says 'Pac is one of the most influential artists of our time, and newcomers should be taking notes.

Aside from sharing Tupac stories, Mopreme touches on police brutality then and now. "We were dealing with those issues that's happening right now in 2015 in 1990," he states. At one point he recalls Tupac fighting a case in Atlanta against two drunk cops and winning after he noticed them harassing a Black kid. Apparently the officers stole weapons from the police station's evidence and wildly waving them before "they ran and got shot in the a**," Mopreme recalls. He also says it was a changing point in 'Pac's life as well.

Listen on as Mopreme Shakur details his own musical success, Tupac's fight with the "Menace II Society" directors, the time 'Pac was beaten by Oakland authorities and more in this exclusive tell-all.
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