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Smarty's Comeback! (Monopoly Plus w/ The Derp Crew - Part 7)

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Nahráno uživatelem ChilledChaos Welcome to the Next Generation of Monopoly, Internet! The ChilledChaos Consultancy Firm has a New Plan...and it revolves around lies and deceit. Can we reclaim the Monopoly throne?! Leave a Rating if you want more! *Read Description*

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Monopoly Upload Schedule!
7/31 - 530 EST - Part 1
8/02 - 630 EST - Part 2
8/04 - 530 EST - Part 3
8/06 - 530 EST - Part 4
8/08 - 630 EST - Part 5
8/10 - 530 EST - Part 6
8/12 - 530 EST - Part 7
8/14 - 530 EST - Part 8

The ChilledChaos Consultancy Firm is back in Action! This time the plan will be a little bit different since we are on a different board. WE ARE GOING TO BUY ALL THE THINGS...THEN ATTEMPT TO LEVERAGE THOSE THINGS FOR BETTER THINGS! THEN USE THOSE BETTER THINGS TO DESTROY THE WORLD.

Join me as we attempt to undermine our friends, get lucky roles, and ultimately continue our sweep of the Derp Crew at Monopoly. I AM BUSINESS MAJOR CHILLED...AND I AM HERE TO CAUSE PANIC :D

So we decided that we would all purchase Monopoly and attempt to be some fat cat monopolists. Seriously doesnt get any better then playing Monopoly and screwing over your friends! That sounds dirty...BUT ITS THE TRUTH. I am always taken out of context.

The Others!
Ze -
GaLm -
Smarty -
Tom -

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