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Maino Speaks On Sean Price: They Love You More When You're Dead

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Nahráno uživatelem djvlad - Nearly two weeks ago, rapper Sean Price passed away at home in his sleep, and as of today the cause of his death has yet to be reported. "We gotta take care of our minds and bodies," says Maino, 41, who is just a couple of years younger than Price.

Calling it a "tragic" death in the hip-hop community, Maino says "it just feels crazy that you're bigger in death than you are in life." "It's like they love you more when you're dead, man." Many shared their condolences for the death of the popular Heltah Skeltah emcee, causing the news of his passing to trend on social media.

Unfortunately, as Vlad notes, with the short attention span of people when it comes to technology these days, deaths are acknowledged and then ultimately forgotten about.

Watch on as he speaks to Maino about the way death is seemingly celebrated, and why he wants his recognition before he makes his final exit in this exclusive clip.

For more from Maino, check out his latest mixtape, "King Of Brooklyn 3," available now.
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