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CA Injured Workers Protest Corruption Of WC and Demand Right To Healthcare

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Nahráno uživatelem laborvideo At a meeting of the California Division of Workers Compensation which is under Christine Baker who runs the Division of Industrial Relations injured workers charged that the system was corrupt and there was rampant workers comp fraud by the insurance industry and employers.
They also charged the officials of the DWC with being in collusion with the criminals in the insurance industry by allowing them to illegally deny medical care and allowing the Maximus company to violate the rules. DWC Acting Administrative Director Destie Overpeck refused to answer questions about what her agency is doing about the investigation and prosecution of workers comp fraud. Dr. Rupali Das who is the executive
medical director of the Division of Workers Compensation told the audience that doctors should be advocates for injured workers without getting paid for their work.
Injured Workers National Network
Production of Labor Video Project
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