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Lakeland's First Year Experience - The Completion Plan Overview

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Nahráno uživatelem Lakeland Community College A Completion Plan is a great way to keep focused while in school. By identifying a goal and listing the steps needed to reach it, a path is created to keep you on track. As part of your myPassport to Completion, the completion plan is the path you create to take you through your time at Lakeland and beyond! The completion plan not only keeps you on track, but also helps you save time and money along the way, guiding you to only the classes you need to take to reach your goal.

As you begin to put together your completion plan, it’s important to know what career opportunities are right for you, and what’s available at Lakeland to help get you there. Lakeland offers more than 150 degree and certificate programs. Some of these programs can be a direct path to your dream job or the needed requirement to get ahead in your current career; others allow you to transfer to a four-year college or university to continue your path toward a bachelor’s degree. Some bachelor’s degree programs can be completed on Lakeland’s campus at the Holden University Center.

It can all be a little overwhelming, so let’s explore your opportunities…

Lakeland offers degree and certificate programs in:
1) Business, Accounting, and Law
2) Computer and Information Technology
3) The Creative Arts
4) Engineering Technologies
5) Health Technologies
6) Education, Human, and Public Services
7) And General Arts and Sciences

A program in Business, Accounting, and Law might be right for you if you’re looking for a career in the leadership or support of an organization. Lakeland’s business technologies programs give you the skills and knowledge needed for today’s ever-changing business environment.

Information Technology positions exist in every industry, which means every company needs people who can set-up, program, analyze and support their computer and data systems. Lakeland’s programs in Information Technology and Computer Science prepare you with the knowledge and skills to become a part of this field.

Artists are people who look at the world and see possibilities. They’re able to take objects and ideas and use them to create something new. Lakeland’s programs in creative arts emphasize theory as well as applied instruction. You’ll gain important hands-on skills from faculty with real world experience.

Manufacturing is now the largest career field in Lake County. Employers are looking for people with a background in science and math who are creative and can solve problems. Lakeland’s diverse curriculum in Engineering Technologies allows you to gain specialized training for a career in numerous manufacturing environments.

With many large hospital systems in Northeast Ohio, it’s easy to see why there are so many opportunities for a career in Health Technologies. Lakeland’s programs can prepare you for a career working with patients, working in a laboratory, or even working in a medical office.

If you have a desire to understand how society works, to shape the future, or to serve and protect your community, consider a program in Education, Human and Public Services. Lakeland’s programs are designed to prepare you to tackle important world issues and find solutions that improve the lives of others.

Lakeland also offers degree paths which are designed to seamlessly transfer to a four-year college or university. An Associate of Arts degree focuses on a strong foundation in general education. Choosing electives allows you to tailor your education and prepare for your major at your next school. Lakeland’s Associate of Arts degree allows you to concentrate in many programs in the Fine Arts, Business and Social Science areas as well as in general arts programs such as education, English, communication, and modern languages.

The Associate of Science degree focuses more on the technical application of your education. While offering fewer elective options, the degree provides you more in-depth study in math and science through lab coursework. Lakeland offers an Associate of Science degree in many programs in Engineering as well as general sciences programs in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and the geosciences.

The Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees satisfy many of the general education requirements at a four-year college or university. Completing the degree before transferring saves you time and money by reducing the number of classes you need to take at your next school.

These are just some of the opportunities Lakeland has for you. To explore further, visit your Blackboard course site to find videos and information about these areas of study and their related career fields.
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