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AH SWATS Funhaus! - Rainbow 6 Siege Gameplay

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A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly.

About this episode:
Cheer on your favorite team below, and register to play in the R6 Closed Beta starting on 9.24.15 here:
Hoooo, boy this was the grudge match. This was the big one. The ONLY, MAIN, MOST IMPORTANT EVENT in RTX HISTORY. EVER.

But every team needs a fuckup. The person who takes everything you built, your perfectly constructed plan, and lays it to waste. The Goofus to your Gallant; the Milhouse to your Bart. The Gavin & Spoole to your Everyone.

So was this a fair match? Did the Achievemen actually beat Funboys? I dunno; I was drinking a beer and creepin' behind everyone with Pe/\ke, so I really don't care if it was a fair match or not.

You be the judge, I guess.

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AH SWATS Funhaus! - Rainbow 6 Siege Gameplay
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