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DNCE - "Toothbrush" PARODY

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When you find out your date is picking you up in 10 minutes and you need to brush your teeth but you forgot your toothbrush and your best friend won't let you use her toothbrush so you have a battle to the death to the tune of a parody that sounds very similar to that one song by your favorite band DNCE called Toothbrush be like...

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Mixed/Mastered by Shawn Christmas:
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Joe Jonas - SabrinaBrite -
Cole Whittle - DJ Monopoli -
JinJoo Lee - DJ Monopoli -
Smelly Breath Girl - KaliDonelle -
The Date - Brian -

DNCE "Toothbrush" Parody Created/Written/Directed by - DJ Monopol and SabrinaBrite of TeraBrite
DNCE "Toothbrush" Parody Editor - DJ Monopoli and SabrinaBrite
DNCE "Toothbrush" Parody Instrumental Track Composer – DJ Monopoli
DNCE "Toothbrush" Parody Mixing and Mastering – Shawn Christmas
DNCE “Toothbrush” Parody Producer - DJ Monopoli and SabrinaBrite
DNCE "Toothbrush" Parody Director of Photography - DJ Monopoli
DNCE “Toothbrush” Parody Camera Operator - DJ Monopoli and Tripod lol
DNCE "Toothbrush" Parody Makeup - SabrinaBrite and KaliDonelle
DNCE "Toothbrush" Parody Audio Tech – DJ Monopoli
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