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The Development History of Smash 4! - Super Smash Facts!

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Nahráno uživatelem RelaxAlax Check out the transcription of the video with links to sourced articles on Source Gaming! -

SUPER SMASH FACTS - a series where Source Gaming and RelaxAlax join forces to deliver the truth of Smash Brothers to the world!

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This video was only made possible by the efforts of Source Gaming members:

Soma - Translation and Research
Masked Man - Translation and Research
Sutamen - Translation assistance.
DJMurr - Scripting
TheAnvil - Scripting
IntelliHeath - Helped Organize Dates and Events.
PushDustIn - Creator, Organizer, Researcher, Transcriber and Scripting
Relax Alax - Creator, Organizer, Video Editor, Voiceover and Scripting

The rest of the staff at Source Gaming for helping with articles and translations!

Credits Theme - Full of Hot Air - Super Marcato Bros. (Harmony of Heroes)
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